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Signature Turquoise Equine Essentials Reins - Custom Length - Pre-Designed

$ 53.50

Classy, fun, bright, and a POP of color when you ride! These are the Signature Turquoise EE Reins.

When I made this rein set up for myself, I posted photos of it online and people began to really like the combination! So I decided to start selling premium turquoise rope reins with slobber straps that have turquoise accents on them. 

This premium 9/16" double braid polyester rope has a great weight and feel to it. It is fairly heavy rope, but yet still very flexible. This makes for the perfect rein. This quality rope is comparable to world-renowned clinician's equipment. Why spend so much when you can get the same quality, customized, for the fraction of the cost?

Even though the reins are a slobber strap attachment, they do not have leather poppers at the end so it's not irritating to the horse. 

The slobber straps shown here match the turquoise reins perfectly! They are high quality leather and help to give your horse a true release that they will feel. 

This is a great combination for training, trail riding, or any western riding, and it has a pop of color while still being effective for riding. The reins in the photo at 10ft long. I highly recommend this length for training and trail riding. 

**Please note: This set includes the reins and slobber straps ONLY. The headstall pictured it not included. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on here or at

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