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Premade Rope Bucket Hangers

$ 3.00

These unique, new products are perfect for hanging water buckets, grain buckets, or any other bucket you may need to hang. They are roughly 2ft long and can be used in stalls, paddocks, pastures, or wherever you need them. They are made out of soft 1/4" double braid polyester rope, which is the same rope used for rope halters. It is extremely strong and will hold any bucket filled with water or grain. 

These rope bucket hangers are cheap and useful to have around. They make chores a lot easier because they are mobile and easy to attach and unattach. To use them, you just need to put the knotted end through the loop after wrapping it around the bucket handle, as seen in the photos. They will not break, are dirt resistant, and will not rot. 

Plus, they come in over 20 colors! Available for just $3 each. 

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