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Returns or Exchanges

Equine Essentials is dedicated to making our ordering process a positive and personable experience. If you are unsatisfied with your order or you need to return it for some reason, we have policies to follow based on each situation. We will work with you and come to a resolution together. 


Equine Essentials has various return policies depending on the type of item you order. Return time frames begin as soon as you receive your order. The buyer is responsible for all return shipping charges. Refunds will be sent to the buyer once Equine Essentials has received the returned item and has verified that it is in like-new condition. 

Returning a Custom Item

Custom orders can be returned within one week of receiving the order. Due to the high level of customization for these products, a 35% restocking fee will incur with the return of them. The fee will be deducted from the item price, and you will be refunded for the remaining balance of your order, less any shipping fees. Custom items must be in like-new condition. 

Returning a Pre-Designed Item

Pre-designed items can be returned within one week of receiving your order. These products are an in-between of the custom and pre-made, so returning them will incur a 20% restocking fee based on the item price, less any shipping charges. You will be refunded the remaining balance of your order as soon as the items are returned safely. 

Returning a Pre-Made Item

Pre-made items can be returned if you are unsatisfied with the purchase within one week of receiving the order. Items must be in like-new condition. You will receive a full refund for these items, minus any shipping fees. 

Defective Items

Under the rare circumstance that you receive an incorrect order or your item is defective, Equine Essentials will either replace the item or send a refund for said item.

If you receive an incorrect item, we ask that you return the incorrect item and you will be sent the correct item(s) as soon as we receive the returned goods.

If your item is defective due to manufacturer error, Equine Essentials will immediately replace the item or send a full refund for the price of the item. 

Equine Essentials will reimburse the buyer for any shipping charges incurred while dealing with a faulty item. 

More Information

If you have any questions or concerns about returns or exchanges of items, please don't hesitate to contact us!



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