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Our Rope & Cord

Equine Essentials takes pride in the quality of rope and paracord that we use for all of our products. All of our items are made from three types of rope or cord. 

Double Braid Polyester

Double braid polyester is basically exactly what it sounds like- it has a braided rope cover over a braided rope core. This creates the "double braid" aspect of it, because it is essentially rope with another rope braided over it. This enables the rope to be heavy, yet still soft and flexible. A good weight is very important to equestrians. It ensures that when a release is given to the horse while training, the horse really feels the release. The double braid also means that the rope can be spliced, which is how a weighted end or loop is added to lead ropes and reins. When you extract the core of the rope from the cover and then re-loop it back into itself, this is called a splice. There are many things you can do with a splice, and none of it would be possible without the double braid rope. That is just one thing very unique about this type of rope. 

The fibers that create this braided rope are made of polyester, which has many wonderful qualities that contribute to the use of our products. This premium polyester is extremely strong and made specifically for horses, meaning it will not break or unwind. Not only that, but the polyester is also great at resisting sunlight that would bleach the colors and it will not stretch. This ensures that your 8 foot lead rope will not become a stretched out 10 foot lead rope over time. Also, the color does not fade or change shades. It is true to what you see on my website and will stay that way!

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Utility Rope

Utility rope is a firm diamond braided rope with a confirmed 1200 lb strength test. It is USA made and mildew, rot, and UV resistant. The colors will not bleed or run, and it is flexible and soft. The only diameter of this rope that I use is 3/8". I have been using it for years and it has never broken. 

This rope is made up of many diamond braided strands woven together throughout the inside and outside of the rope. It is a firm braid but still very flexible. It is soft on the horse's skin and comes in many fun colors.

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550 Paracord

The type of paracord we use is 550 commercial grade nylon rope. The number 550 represents the number of pounds in strength that the cord has. The minimum breaking point for this cord is 550 lbs. (That is why we will never use paracord for the base of a halter, because the average horse weighs 1000-1200 lbs. So we only use paracord for accent colors, extra strength, and style.)  The paracord we use is composed of seven two ply yarns with the sheath made of of 32 woven strands. The seven inner cords have a tensile strength of 50 lbs each, or a total tensile strength of 350 lbs, with the covering sheath a total tensile strength of 200 lbs. That makes up the 550 lb total minimum tensile strength, which is why it is called 550 paracord. 

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