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Color Charts

Here you will find all of the color options for all custom EE products. Every color will be labeled with a name. Colors can also be found under individual product listings. 


Colors for braided nosebands, wither straps, braided reins, & neck rope grips:


Colors for cobra halter bases and bitless bridle bases (not nosebands):

halter color chart

 Colors for clinician rope halters:

clinician color chart

 Colors for premium lead ropes and rope reins:

 lead rope colorsturquoise camo rainbow


Colors for bridleless neck ropes (with or without grips):

neck rope colors



NOTICE: Color charts will be updated every 1st of the month if any changes need to be made. Sometimes colors can go out of stock and still be pictured, so don't be alarmed if you're unable to find a color on a listing.



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