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YouTube Channel LAUNCH - Q&A Now Available to Watch!


Happy Labor Day!

I have some exciting news on this holiday! The Equine Essentials YouTube channel has launched, and the first video has been posted!

I created the YouTube channel to correspond with my EEE blogs. I think creating these videos will help educate customers on how to use their products, how to correctly size their products, and the reasons behind all of these items. My goal is that everyone will have a better understanding of rope products. 

I will continue making videos as I have the time. It likely will not be every week, but I already have a few things in the works so you shouldn't have to wait too long before the next video comes out!

The first video is a Q&A so you can get to know me and EE a little bit better. I answered questions from my Instagram page and recorded my responses. I hope you enjoy it!

Here's a little preview of questions that I answered: 

"What are your goals with EE?"

"Do you make all of your tack by hand, or is it machine made?"

"What has been your biggest accomplishment starting Equine Essentials?"

Click here to learn the answers to those questions, and many more!

Feel free to leave video requests on any of my social media or in blog comments. Thanks everyone!

Hope you have a marvelous holiday!

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