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What's New with Equine Essentials


Wow! It's been awhile!

I haven't blogged since Christmas, but a lot has happened! Hopefully you've been keeping up with EE's Instagram and Facebook so you already sort of know what's been going on. 

This winter has been crazy busy around here. I've been hustling along trying to get orders out ASAP while also continuing to make changes to improve EE. I like to call it, "Spring Cleaning", which basically means I'm trying to make things run smoother and also increase some benefits for customers. All the while holding down two other jobs, and taking classes full time. Phew! Oh, and I didn't even mention trying to get rides in on my horse, regardless of the bitter Minnesota cold. Luckily I don't mind being busy, and I love staying productive. 

But enough about me! Let's get to the business. Equine Essentials has some new brand ambassadors! Applications were open in January and we received a huge response of entries. I reached out to the first wave of new ambassadors a few weeks ago and they are officially a part of the team! Once I have a chance, I think I will be sending some more emails to other potential additions to the team. So if you applied, be sure to keep checking your email. 

Also, I've been making some changes to the ordering process and shipping process. Orders placed from now on should see these new changes in their deliveries, but for now it's still a bit of a secret. Once everything is finalized, I'll be posting a little sneak peak on social media. Get excited!

In addition to that, I have started a customer rewards program. I have so many incredibly loyal customers and followers that I absolutely adore, so I decided I would try to give back a bit by creating a rewards program. Basically, each time you place an order, you receive points based on the amount of the order. Eventually, you'll have enough points saved up to get dollar amounts off future orders! How great is that?!

Finally, I recently updated the look of our "About us" section a bit. I decided to add more information about shipping, handling, and returns so customers can look into our policies if they're curious. Our story and FAQ were also updated, so be sure to check that out!

I think that's about it for now. Thank you all for bearing with me through this busy season- I know I've been inactive online, but it's only because I've been twice as active running the company! Looking forward to continuing to make improvements, and hopefully I'll get some more EE Education posts going again!

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