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EE Rope Types - Part Three - 550 Paracord

Halter Design Paracord Rope Type

Hello everyone! 

Today we will be discussing 550 paracord, which is part three to the EE rope type series. 

I use 550 paracord for any of my products that have braids, such as braided reins or cobra halters with braided nosebands. Paracord has become very popular over the past 5 years or so, but I don't think many people know it's history and exactly what is. That is what you will learn today!

Paracord was first used during World War II in the United States. Our military used it for many things that they still use it for today. Using paracord for suspension lines for parachutes for US troops was one of its most popular uses. Some other examples of use include attaching equipment to harnesses with paracord, tying backpacks to vehicle racks, and securing camouflage nets to trees or vehicles. Who knew making tack had so much to do with history? 

Long story short, paracord has been used for many decades by the US military. In my opinion, that is pretty awesome and is a great way of knowing it is strong and useful! It will not rot or mildew and is easily washable if it gets dirty.

So now let's get some details and dissect this cord. 

The type of paracord I use is 550 commercial grade nylon rope. The number 550 represents the number of pounds in strength that the cord has. The minimum breaking point for this cord is 550 lbs. (That is why I will never use paracord for the base of a halter, because the average horse weighs 1000-1200 lbs. So I only use paracord for accent colors, extra strength, and style.)  The paracord I use is composed of seven two ply yarns with the sheath made of of 32 woven strands. The seven inner cords have a tensile strength of 50 lbs each, or a total tensile strength of 350 lbs, with the covering sheath a total tensile strength of 200 lbs. That makes up the 550 lb total minimum tensile strength, which is why it is called 550 paracord. 

One of the best things about paracord is the amount of colors that it comes in. I have over 300 colors available for customers to choose from when ordering, and they can all be viewed here.

Products made with 550 paracord include:

Custom 4-Knot Clinician Halter w/ Cobra Noseband Braid

Custom 6-Strand Adjustable Braided Riding Reins

Custom 9-Strand Adjustable Braided Riding Reins

Custom Braided Paracord Lead Rope

Custom Bridleless Neck Rope w/ Braided Grip

Custom Cobra Bitless Bridle

Custom Cobra Halter w/ Rainbow Overlay Noseband

Custom Cobra Rope Halter

Custom Side Pull Cobra Bitless Bridle

Custom Wither Strap

The Essential Noseband - CUSTOM

As you can see, 550 paracord is a huge part of Equine Essentials. It adds both strength, durability, and style to my products.

Next week we will be looking deeper into utility rope... Until then, happy shopping!

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