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EE Rope Types - Part Four - Utility Rope

Halter Design Rope Type

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the one week of absence, I was attending a local county fair last week. But I am back and caught up now!

Today we will be going over the final chapter of EE rope types. The last type of rope to examine is utility rope. So let's get started!

Utility rope was the first rope that I ever used to create products. When I began Equine Essentials, I only made standard 2-knot halters. I used 3/8" utility rope for those halters and still do today. I also use it for bridleless neck ropes and bitless bridles.

Utility rope is a firm diamond braided rope with a confirmed 1200 lb strength test. It is USA made and mildew, rot, and UV resistant. The colors will not bleed or run, and it is flexible and soft. The only diameter of this rope that I use is 3/8". I have been using it for years and it has never broken. 

This rope is made up of many diamond braided strands woven together throughout the inside and outside of the rope. It is a firm braid but still very flexible. It is soft on the horse's skin and comes in many fun colors. 

Products made with 3/8" utility rope include:

Custom Bridleless Neck Rope w/ Braided Grip

Custom Classic 2-Knot Rope Halter

Custom Cobra Bitless Bridle

Custom Cobra Halter w/ Rainbow Overlay Noseband

Custom Cobra Rope Halter

Custom Liberty Bridleless Neck Rope

Custom Side Pull Cobra Bitless Bridle

The Essential Noseband - CUSTOM

Still being able to use the original EE rope means that it is strong and works very well. It has been effective for my products for many years now, as you can see.

I hope this series has helped you to learn more about my products and how they are made. Stay tuned or more Equine Essentials Education to come!

Thanks for reading!

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